siesta1.jpg(14 kb) Guesthouse Siesta *** is situated in the downtown of the historical town Příbor. It offers high-class accommodation for weekend stay, managerial V.I.P. accommodation or holiday accommodation for whole family ... you are heartily invited!

In 2005 we rebulit an old historical house into a new beautiful guesthouse in which you can find caretaker's flat and accommodation for 15 attendees.

Siesta offers accommodation in 1 - 4 bedded rooms with own social arrangement. There is television embrace available in every room. Shared dining room is equipped with mini-bar, refrigerator, percolator and microwave. The visitors can spend a beautiful time at the sheltered terrace with an fireplace or throw a party with barbecue in outdoor fireplace.

You can access internet WIFI from every room.
    You didn´t find accommodation in Příbor? Don´t mind!
    We offer you high-class accommodation
    in neighbouring Bílovec Guesthouse LEMON***